National Beekeeping Network

Hives for Heroes is a national military veteran non-profit organization focusing on honey bee conservation, suicide prevention, and a healthy transition from service. Through the national network of beekeepers and veterans we provide connection, purpose, and healthy relationships fostering a lifelong hobby in beekeeping.

NewBEE veterans and Mentors enjoy the therapeutic process of beekeeping and build healthy relationships in communities across America. Beekeeping is unique, allowing a beekeeper to suit up, overcome fear, accomplish a goal through process oriented techniques, and walk away with a sense of accomplishment. This practice can easily translate to their personal and professional lives when dealing with PTS and other traumas from service. While there is often a fear associated with bees, when you are careful and respect them, they will continue with their work.

After military service, many veterans often fall into depression, unhealthy relationships and addictive behaviors which leads to feeling alone, isolated, or become suicidal. Hives for Heroes strives to connect with veterans to provide a family friendly community.

A veteran NewBEE in Texas joined Hives for Heroes because of their love for science, bees, and learning. Their desire and passion to acquire knowledge has motivated them to deeply connect with mentors in advanced beekeeping activities like queen rearing. Through the nationwide network of beekeepers, Hives for Heroes is able to connect and empower veterans in their pursuit of purpose and joy.

Hives for Heroes wants to connect people. By bettering the lives of individuals there is a positive impact on their community and ultimately the world. Through honey bee conservation, there is a common goal for NewBEEs, Mentors, and Volunteers to work towards.

Please check out our website,, for ways to get involved and support Hives for Heroes through donations, merchandise sales from our shop, and/or volunteering!

Veterans interested in beekeeping as a NewBEE and Mentors willing to connect and teach veterans can apply online at Hives for Heroes is officially in all 50 states and Australia and is constantly searching for accomplished beekeeping mentors who have at least 3 years of experience.

Check us out @hivesforheroes on social media and use our hashtags #saveBEESsaveVETS #BEEaHero.