Veterans Beekeeping and learning about honey bees

NewBEE Membership 


A NewBEE is a military veteran or first responder interested in learning about beekeeping. Whether you have a few years of unsuccessful beekeeping or just starting out, NewBEEs will be partnered with a local area mentor in order to learn basic beekeeping skills. 

Our mission is suicide prevention through purpose and relationships built in your local communities. We do this by connecting you to an experienced Mentor in your area who will provide you the opportunity to learn and love beekeeping.

The NewBEE and Mentor are responsible for communicating and scheduling beekeeping activities. Each relationship will differ based on experience, personality, and schedule availability.

As with any new endeavor, BEE prepared to invest in yourself and your equipment. We ask that NewBEEs are prepared to purchase their own beekeeping suit and gloves.

Still have questions? Check out our NewBEE FAQs and Code of Conduct!