A Mentor is an individual with 3 or more years of successful beekeeping experience, a desire to pass on their knowledge to our nation's heroes, and the ability to donate a single split, NUC, or hive after one year of mentoring. Mentors will be partnered with a local area NewBEE in order to teach basic beekeeping skills. Mentors are not required to have served in the military. 

Thank you so much for offering your time, talents, and knowledge to the mission of Hives for Heroes. Our mission is suicide prevention through purpose and relationships built in your local communities. We do this by connecting you to a hero NewBEE with little or no experience in beekeeping to provide an outlet of engagement with the pursuit of a lifelong hobby in beekeeping. The core of this organization is one mentor, one newbee, and one hive. 

A Mentor is expected to uphold organizational standards outlined below in the Code of Conduct, have a positive attitude, model purpose, and develop a healthy relationship with their assigned NewBEE. Each relationship will differ based on experience, personality, and schedule availability.


Still have questions? Check out our MENTOR FAQs and Code of Conduct!