Make an impact by contributing to Hives for Heroes!

Hives for Heroes is a 501(c)(3) veteran non-profit organization focusing on honey bee conservation, suicide prevention, and a healthy transition from service.


We are a national network of beekeepers and veterans providing connection, purpose, and healthy relationships fostering a lifelong hobby in beekeeping.

Your gift today honors and empowers our nation's heroes as they begin their journey in beekeeping! Below are suggested giving amounts, but we are grateful and appreciative of all donations. Thank you for your support!


save bees - save vets


Personal Protection

1 Bee Suit

1 Pair of Gloves





Tools & Equipment

1 Hive Tool

1 Frame Grip




10 Frame Complete Hive Kit

1 Deep with Frames

1 Medium Super with Frames

1 Telescoping Cover with Inner Cover

1 Screen Bottom Board 


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